Friday, July 1, 2011

Y’all’er a buncha ripe bananas

My auntie the other day says to me, “Stephanie, when you go back, your family won’t even recognize you. You look like a ripe banana.” It took me a sec to realize she was commenting on all my freckles. At least that sounds better than pizza face.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of taking eggs from the chicken that lives in my kitchen. The other day she flew out the window, presumably to peck around outside for food. So I took her egg and got ready to fix myself something to eat. I put the frying pan on the fire, greased it, and then just as I was cracking the egg on the edge of the frying pan I hear this screech right in my ear. I jumped I was so startled. Then a wave of embarrassment, then shame came over me. Apparently the hen had been watching me the whole time from the kitchen window sill. And she was screaming at me and chewing me out for killing her baby.

Then after a second or two of feeling like the worst infanticidal murderer ever, I remembered that it’s just a stupid bird and shooed her away. I had to remind myself that it’s her job to make eggs for me. But I still felt bad for her, having to see her egg cracked open into a frying pan, right in her face. I wonder if she even knew it was her egg or if she was just screaming because she’s a crazy bird.

Four months more in the Peace Corps! This is the home stretch people. I just wrote a to do list of everything I have to accomplish before I leave and I realized I could get it all done in one month if we were in the States. But no, here in good old Vanuatu, it will take me 4 months to complete all that stuff because every time you plan anything there is just a 50/50 chance people will actually show up and do what they said they would. But the good thing is I know I can get it all done and leave here feeling like I did something and have something to show for my two years. We’ll see how that plays out.

I’m jealous of all my friends in the states enjoying summer in the city. I miss US most during the months of Jun-Aug. In the winter, when everyone’s telling me about blizzards and unbearable cold in the states, I feel all smug like, ‘ha well it’s 85 degrees here. Who’s made the more sensible decision now?’ But just the mention of the word ‘July’ summons up images of drinking cold lager in the hot sun out on some porch (or roof) surrounded by friends. Banterific! Or midnight bike rides to a sweet swim spot or my favorite 24hr Italian bakery. Outdoor concerts, festivals, backyard bbqs, beach trips, road trips, etc. In other words, the best stuff life’s made of. But alas I’ll just have to live vicariously through facebook for one more summer. Enjoy it my little ripe bananas, and then write me to tell me all the juicy gossip.

I out new pics up on facebook. I'll blog again soon. XOXO SteBlau

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  1. cheers to crazy birds! I love reading your blog and can't wait till you return!!!